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Real Wedding at The Mount: Tom and Jess

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Wedding videos never cease to amaze me. It seems like an impossible feat to condense all the emotions and importance of such a special day into a five minute clip, but the magicians over at Snapped Studios did just that with this stunning video of Jess and Tom’s big day. Jess and Tom are both total sweethearts and a joy to work with. I love that you can see their families and friends beaming with pride throughout the whole video. I was definitely holding back some happy-tears while watching this one. Congratulations Tom and Jess!


Real Engagement at The Mount: Nicole and Matt

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I am so excited to bring you this engagement shoot today because it features a member of The Mount family, Nicole Knapp, our Executive Assistant. We would all be drowning in phone calls and office supplies if not for Nicole.  She’s also one of the sweetest people I know. Even on the bleakest of winter days, Nicole is smiling.

Nicole has a history with The Mount, long before she started working here she had a deep connection to the home and the woman who built it. But I’ll let her share the story. Enjoy it and these stunning photos from Kiersten Vallieres.



Engagement Photo 8

Engagement Photo 5

Engagement Photo 2

From Nicole:

“The first time I ever stepped onto The Mount’s property was a little before 10:30 p.m. on Halloween of 2010.  Hand in hand with my then boyfriend, Matthew Williams, we walked up the dark, winding, forested lane to the Stable to experience a ghost tour – him, excited, and me, terrified.  It was that night, immersed in a group of twenty other ghost hunters led by chauffeur Charles Cook and Edith Wharton herself, that I first fell in love with The Mount.  We explored the creepy, historic Stable, walked along the grounds through complete darkness to visit the pet cemetery, and wandered the dimly lit halls and rooms of the magnificent mansion.”

Engagement Photo 4

Engagement Photo 7

Engagement Photo 3

“There was so much for me to connect with.  I adore historic homes and libraries – and Wharton lived in this mansion and had one of the most beautiful libraries I had ever seen.  I’m an aspiring author – and Wharton was one of the finest authors America had ever seen.  I love to believe in a world of magic and mystery and wonder – and The Mount, where Wharton lived for ten years, was no disappointment.  I left that night with a fired-up imagination and vowed that I would return every Halloween.”

Engagement Photo 6

Engagement Photo 9

Engagement Photo 13

“And Matt and I did return on Halloween, in 2011 and 2012.  On a cold January day in 2013, we walked the snowy grounds in daylight to explore and take photographs.  And in April of that year, The Mount announced they were hiring and I became administrative assistant at the place I’d adored for three years.”

Engagement Photo 10

Engagement Photo 19

Engagement Photo 18

“I’ve been at The Mount for a year and a half, now an executive assistant, and The Mount and Edith Wharton inspire me every day.  I feel very lucky to work at such a beautiful and historic place that aims to keep Wharton’s literary legacy alive.  And although The Mount is no longer new to me, the wonder and magic remain.” 

Engagement Photo 12

Engagement Photo 11

Engagement Photo 14

Engagement Photo 17

“On Christmas Day, 2013, as I was sitting in front of the Christmas tree with Matt, celebrating our seventh Christmas together, he gave me a teddy bear dressed up as a bride and asked me to be his wife.  Of course, I said yes!  And this past October, we returned to The Mount together to get our engagement photos done, never forgetting that our journey at The Mount started four years earlier, when a daring young man and his chicken girlfriend braved the darkness and ghost stories to be introduced to Wharton and her lovely home.”

Engagement Photo 15

Engagement Photo 20

Victorian Boudoir: Halloween Masquerade at The Mount

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This year, for the first time ever, we partnered up with the party people from Berkshire Shenanigans who are known for their Halloween fêtes to bring you Victorian Boudoir: Halloween Masquerade at The Mount. We’ve had dreams of a Halloween Masquerade floating around for years, but it took the perfect partners to make it happen. Together we transformed The Mount into a spookier, sultrier version of itself so that 250 guests could dance the night away. We had the help of some amazing vendors. Classical Tents provided all the rentals. DJ BFG kept the dance floor packed with a mix of current and 80’s favorites. How We Roll served up some sorcery in an egg-roll. The talented and incredibly balanced Terri Moore dazzled guests with her stilt skills. Last but definitely not least, Ogden Gigli was there to snap some super cool shots of our party-goers. For the full album check out our Facebook. Feel free to tag your friends and share, share, share!





The Mount's Staff and the Berkshire Shenanigans crew

The Mount’s Staff and the Berkshire Shenanigans crew




Video Projections by Ed Pelkey

Video Projections by Ed Pelkey













Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?




Real Wedding at The Mount: Janine and Victor

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I really enjoy working with couples who have a personal connection to The Mount through a love of literature. Janine and Victor are both playwrights and Janine is a big Wharton fan. She also recently took home the 2014 Yale Drama Series Prize, congrats Janine! They had one of the most interesting and charming wedding ceremonies I’ve ever seen. It was full of poignant readings and quirky traditions that tied everything back to what makes their relationship unique. The color and bold details used throughout the day were a gorgeous touch. Also, I gotta say, Janine and Victor had their priorities straight. As soon as dinner was over everyone headed downstairs to the forecourt to dance the night away to Soul Sound Revue, a 10 piece Motown band and enjoy any of the four dessert stations available. That, folks, is how you make the most out of your reception.

Enjoy these photos from the incredible Karli Cadel for Christopher Duggan Photography and keep scrolling to see what Janine had to say about the big day.








“Victor and I are both writers and we wanted to get married in a literary setting. Our dear friend who married us is also a writer and we really wanted to infuse that into our ceremony. The Mount is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life and Victor’s family happens to be close to the area. The stars aligned for us to have the wedding of our dreams there.” 









“The favorite part of the day for me was the ceremony. The weather was stunningly perfect and I couldn’t have felt more alive and at peace. Everyone we truly loved was there and watching us. Our family and closest friends were standing with us. We really wanted the ceremony to have a poetic and airy feel. We read from some of our favorite writers and really took in the beauty of the estate.” 











“The Mount has such a classically old American beauty. It looks like a mansion from a novel. Everything about it is timeless and poetic and we wanted to keep that feel. Everything we did only enhanced the features of the Mount.”






Real Wedding at The Mount: Joe and Darius

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Today I want to share with you a gorgeous wedding that took place on a sunny day this past July.  Joe and Darius were so much fun to work with. Being locals, regular visitors to The Mount, and fans of Edith Wharton’s theories on home and garden design, they had a very clear vision in mind. The aesthetic of their celebration complimented Wharton’s architecture and landscape perfectly. The day was a celebration that hearkened back to the beauty of a gilded age garden party. A guest commented that their wedding was very “Great Gatsby.”

Even more important than the decorations and details was the fact that every moment of this wedding was a tribute to the love of a couple who are clearly adored by their friends and family. I mean just take in the happiness and emotion in these pictures shot by the wonderful Christopher Duggan and his team. And if you aren’t tearing up by that point then watch this trailer for their wedding video and just try not to bawl like a baby. I dare you.






From Joe and Darius:

“The elegance and beauty of The Mount made it the perfect place to celebrate the most important day of our lives.  We have visited many of the Italian villas Edith Wharton described in her book, Italian Villas and Their Gardens, villas that inspired Wharton’s own garden design.  While the design of the home is magnificent, it is the design of the gardens that really make Edith Wharton’s masterpiece such a special place.  As frequent visitors to The Mount, we knew instantly that we wanted to celebrate our marriage in a place where architecture and nature exist harmoniously.”










“One of the most memorable moments of the wedding ceremony was the release of the monarch butterflies.  Each family member released a butterfly to remember the loved ones not physically present on the day of our wedding but whose spirits live on as positive influences in our lives.  The sight of the 36 monarch butterflies taking flight at the same time was magical.  Of course the backdrop of the flower garden made it even more spectacular!”





“After our ceremony, we snuck away to spend a few minutes alone before the cocktail hour.  As we relaxed in Wharton’s bedroom, we kept peeking through the windows to watch our family and friends stroll down the limestone walk toward the Italian walled garden for the cocktail hour.  How glamorous each guest looked, dressed in tuxedos and gowns, walking along the path, stopping to look at our family photographs tucked into the niches along the way.  Each step one takes at The Mount reveals the estate in a new way.” 











“When we first began planning our wedding, one thing was for certain – we wanted our guests to experience the Berkshires.  We often say that we work in New York and live in the Berkshires!  And there was no better way to share that with our guests than to celebrate at The Mount.”




“Wharton said, ‘There are two ways of spreading light:  to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.’  How wonderful it was to ‘spread that light’ by creating memories with our family and friends that will last a lifetime!   The Mount will forever hold a very special place in our hearts.”