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Edith Wharton meets Gustav Klimt: A Styled Shoot

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Edith Wharton and Gustav Klimt were both born in 1862 and created some of their most memorable masterpieces right around the same time. Klimt’s most famous work, The Kiss, was painted in 1907 while Wharton published The House of Mirth, the novel that established her as a successful author, in 1905. Though they were contemporaries, it’s up for debate as to whether they would have been drawn to each other’s craft. Wharton, though infatuated with European aesthetics, was a fan of clean lines and classic design. Klimt’s paintings are known for their intricate, busy patterns and wild color. One thing they did share was an interest in using their talents to capture romance in all it’s different forms.

This past Spring, co-founder of Sixpence for Your Shoe, Lindsay Mastroianni, approached us with an idea to bring Klimt’s art nouveau style to The Mount for a wedding inspiration shoot. We loved the concept of pairing Klimt’s bright color and painterly details with Wharton’s elegant architecture. It was also the perfect time of year to celebrate love and beauty in The Mount’s lush gardens. So dream of warmer days as you enjoy these stunning photos from Eric Foley Photography and check out the links at the end of the post to find out more about the stellar team of vendors Lindsay put together.

































Attire:  Everthine Bridal Boutique (Gowns: Jenny Packham-Lina & Anna Campbell-Genevieve)

Jewelry:  Aquinnah

Florist:  Azalea Floral Design

Stationery: Coral Pheasant

Linens:  Nuage Designs

Cake, Truffles and Macaroons:  Taste by Spellbound

Rentals:  Party Rental, Ltd.

Beauty:  Simply Gorgeous by Erin

Robes: Plum, Pretty, Sugar

Real Wedding at The Mount: Tom and Jess Part 2

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Happy Holidays from The Mount. Our gift to you is more gorgeous wedding photos! I wanted to follow up on last week’s post because I know you all are dying to see more of Jess and Tom’s wedding. Though this was a late September wedding, I feel like the gold used in the tablescapes and Jess’s beautiful red dress bring Christmas to mind.  And nothing says Christmas more than family and friends gathered round in love and appreciation. Enjoy these lovely shots from John Seakwood Photography and this sweet interview with Jess.









What made you choose The Mount?

“I always knew that I wanted to get married in a big house.  I wanted it to feel like we were having a big house party; nice and cozy, with a personal touch.  I was looking on Pinterest, and saw an article from on the 50 most romantic wedding venues.  The Mount was listed as #19, and as soon as I saw it my heart skipped a beat, it was just so breathtakingly beautiful!  Me and my husband’s family are all from PA- we know nobody in the Berkshires, and had never even heard of the location until we went to visit the Mount.  As soon as we pulled onto the property I knew this was my dream venue.  I had been to a wedding a few weeks prior, and had hear several people say, “o wow, this is all just so Christine! (the name of the bride) Everything, from the venue to the decorations just screams Christine!”.  That’s exactly how I felt when I was walking through the Mount.  I felt that everything; the surrounding woods, the way the house and gardens just unfolded before you, the gorgeous stables, and that beautiful picturesque double lined tree walk way just screamed “Jess and Tom!”.  Combine the perfect setting with the perfect people to work with, and it was a no brainer.  Ross and Grace were absolute delights to work with!  They were super accommodating, and let us have the run of the house.  I had looked into a few other mansions, and estates along the east coast, and while they were nice, they all had restrictions- you could only occupy certain areas of the house, you could not go in the house as only a tent outside was allowed, etc.  The Mount really let us take over, and act as if it was our home, it was our place to have this big, elegant house party.  It was all just…perfect.”







What were some of your favorite moments of the day?

“That’s a hard one, because everything was so wonderfully perfect, it’s difficult to pick just a few favorites!  The weather was absolutely perfect- 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.  I was so glad because I was so excited for people to be able to see the gorgeous gardens, and spend some time roaming around the estate.  Walking down the double line of trees has to be a favorite memory.  It was a perfect aisle to walk down, and it’s so nicely set up- as soon as you hit that first turn, and you just see everyone there in the garden, it’s just an overwhelming feeling of joy that was set up so perfectly by the way the aisle and seats were set up.  I would have to say that my first dance with my father and husband were also favorites- the veranda is a wonderful place to have the band set up; with the doors to the living room being able to open up, and all the space around the dance floor, everyone had a good viewing spot whether they wanted to stand outside, or stay seated at their tables.  Lastly, we really had fun with the sparkler exit out the front of the house which was a gorgeous backdrop to have our last pictures in front of.  Again- it’s so hard trying to pick a few favorites, everything was just so wonderful.”







What was the inspiration behind the look and feel of the wedding?

“Again, I really wanted it to feel like a big house party, and that’ exactly how it felt.  We had everyone in the house for dinner, people were able to wander around the house and gardens on their own, and my husband and I were able to pop upstairs for a moment to take a break and a breather- just as if it was our own house!  For the look of the wedding we wanted something very vintage to match the house.  We had tall candelabras and gold art-deco bowls with flowers for our centerpieces.  Our florist, Cassandra, was a dream to work with- we just told her the feel we wanted, and she ran with it.  I found a perfect dress with a vintage lace look, paired it with my grandmothers opera length pearls, and everything fit together perfectly.”










Do you have any advice for people planning their wedding right now?

“My advice would be to go with your gut.  When we went to see the Mount we only had a 24 hour turn around time to give them an answer and deposit for the venue due to the fact that we had a hold on the date, and had 2 other couples waiting behind us to take it if we passed.  We only needed 5 minutes in the space before we knew it was everything we could ever ask for.  My dress was the second one I tried on, at the first store we went with, and as soon as I put it on I knew it was “the one”.  Everything we did for the wedding planning- from the band, to the florist, to the caterer, was all based on a gut feeling that it was the right choice, and that they would all be able to do a fantastic job with minimal input from me since I was based 4.5 hours away and could not have many meetings/approvals before the big day.  Like I’ve said, everything was absolutely perfect. It was a fairy tale wedding for us and our guests.  There is not a single thing that I would have done differently- it was a perfect night, and Tom and I will always be so grateful to the Mount and their staff for enabling us to have these perfect and precious memories.”


Real Wedding at The Mount: Tom and Jess

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Wedding videos never cease to amaze me. It seems like an impossible feat to condense all the emotions and importance of such a special day into a five minute clip, but the magicians over at Snapped Studios did just that with this stunning video of Jess and Tom’s big day. Jess and Tom are both total sweethearts and a joy to work with. I love that you can see their families and friends beaming with pride throughout the whole video. I was definitely holding back some happy-tears while watching this one. Congratulations Tom and Jess!


Real Engagement at The Mount: Nicole and Matt

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I am so excited to bring you this engagement shoot today because it features a member of The Mount family, Nicole Knapp, our Executive Assistant. We would all be drowning in phone calls and office supplies if not for Nicole.  She’s also one of the sweetest people I know. Even on the bleakest of winter days, Nicole is smiling.

Nicole has a history with The Mount, long before she started working here she had a deep connection to the home and the woman who built it. But I’ll let her share the story. Enjoy it and these stunning photos from Kiersten Vallieres.



Engagement Photo 8

Engagement Photo 5

Engagement Photo 2

From Nicole:

“The first time I ever stepped onto The Mount’s property was a little before 10:30 p.m. on Halloween of 2010.  Hand in hand with my then boyfriend, Matthew Williams, we walked up the dark, winding, forested lane to the Stable to experience a ghost tour – him, excited, and me, terrified.  It was that night, immersed in a group of twenty other ghost hunters led by chauffeur Charles Cook and Edith Wharton herself, that I first fell in love with The Mount.  We explored the creepy, historic Stable, walked along the grounds through complete darkness to visit the pet cemetery, and wandered the dimly lit halls and rooms of the magnificent mansion.”

Engagement Photo 4

Engagement Photo 7

Engagement Photo 3

“There was so much for me to connect with.  I adore historic homes and libraries – and Wharton lived in this mansion and had one of the most beautiful libraries I had ever seen.  I’m an aspiring author – and Wharton was one of the finest authors America had ever seen.  I love to believe in a world of magic and mystery and wonder – and The Mount, where Wharton lived for ten years, was no disappointment.  I left that night with a fired-up imagination and vowed that I would return every Halloween.”

Engagement Photo 6

Engagement Photo 9

Engagement Photo 13

“And Matt and I did return on Halloween, in 2011 and 2012.  On a cold January day in 2013, we walked the snowy grounds in daylight to explore and take photographs.  And in April of that year, The Mount announced they were hiring and I became administrative assistant at the place I’d adored for three years.”

Engagement Photo 10

Engagement Photo 19

Engagement Photo 18

“I’ve been at The Mount for a year and a half, now an executive assistant, and The Mount and Edith Wharton inspire me every day.  I feel very lucky to work at such a beautiful and historic place that aims to keep Wharton’s literary legacy alive.  And although The Mount is no longer new to me, the wonder and magic remain.” 

Engagement Photo 12

Engagement Photo 11

Engagement Photo 14

Engagement Photo 17

“On Christmas Day, 2013, as I was sitting in front of the Christmas tree with Matt, celebrating our seventh Christmas together, he gave me a teddy bear dressed up as a bride and asked me to be his wife.  Of course, I said yes!  And this past October, we returned to The Mount together to get our engagement photos done, never forgetting that our journey at The Mount started four years earlier, when a daring young man and his chicken girlfriend braved the darkness and ghost stories to be introduced to Wharton and her lovely home.”

Engagement Photo 15

Engagement Photo 20

Victorian Boudoir: Halloween Masquerade at The Mount

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This year, for the first time ever, we partnered up with the party people from Berkshire Shenanigans who are known for their Halloween fêtes to bring you Victorian Boudoir: Halloween Masquerade at The Mount. We’ve had dreams of a Halloween Masquerade floating around for years, but it took the perfect partners to make it happen. Together we transformed The Mount into a spookier, sultrier version of itself so that 250 guests could dance the night away. We had the help of some amazing vendors. Classical Tents provided all the rentals. DJ BFG kept the dance floor packed with a mix of current and 80’s favorites. How We Roll served up some sorcery in an egg-roll. The talented and incredibly balanced Terri Moore dazzled guests with her stilt skills. Last but definitely not least, Ogden Gigli was there to snap some super cool shots of our party-goers. For the full album check out our Facebook. Feel free to tag your friends and share, share, share!





The Mount's Staff and the Berkshire Shenanigans crew

The Mount’s Staff and the Berkshire Shenanigans crew




Video Projections by Ed Pelkey

Video Projections by Ed Pelkey













Where's Waldo?

Where’s Waldo?